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Bunch of software module’s to help you to automate your process irrespective of industry which has minimal operation resources and maximum manpower to handle. Here are our solution for them.

  • Micro-Erp (for SME’s)
  • e-Time & Pay (Attendance and Payroll Solutions)
  • Security Guard Management System(Deployment, Patrolling)
  • Visitor Management System,
  • E-Commerce.


World class automation products under one roof, our Hardware’s are act major part in our software solutions. It help us to automate any sort of process. Here are few

  • TAB with Mobile-App
  • IP-Camera Solutions
  • Access Control Solutions (Bio-metric, Facial recognition, RFID/MIFARE)
  • Scanners(Passport, ID card, Driving License)
  • Hand Held Scanners (RFID, BarCode, QR Code, etc)


All our engineers are well equipped with Tyler made solutions, we using .net technology, we will create a solution from scratch.

  • Investigation Management System
  • Vehicle/Parking Management System
  • Central Monitoring Solutions.